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Seed Starting

Oh, it’s that time of year again! It’s mid-February, and the seed catalogs have all arrived, orders have been placed and received, and my kitchen floor is littered with cut-up and folded toilet-paper tubes. So far, here’s what I’ve got going:

– Black Krim (Saved from SSE seeds)
– Riesentraube (Baker Creek)
– Bonny Best (Baker Creek)
– Stupice (SSE)
– Green Zebra (From Cook County Jail Garden)
– San Marzano #2 (Baker Creek)

– Black Pearl (D. Landreth)
– Melrose (Baker Creek)

Other Stuff:
– Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry (Baker Creek)
– Rhubarb, Victoria (Baker Creek)
– Red Cabbage (D. Landreth)

Lots more to come, some starting early, some direct sow. Also expecting a shipment of hardy kiwi vines, goumi bush, potatoes, groundnuts, sea kale, and more. Plus an apple or two, and pear scionwood for grafting onto the Bradford pear. WHEW!!

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