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You know, livng with chickens isn’t all eggs and gentle clucks. There’s a fair amount of funk and fuss. Today’s edition brought mites. We’ve struggled with mites in our flock from time to time, but one of our girls (and it seems like it’s only one, weirdly). So that meant that instead of heading to the Openlands Lakeshore Preserve as planned, I had to shovel out three garbage bags of coop litter and run waste (which was going to be some pretty amazing compost come spring/fall)——and then give my girl a dunk in soap and apple-cider vinegar. After her indoor soak, we brought her into the bathroom and turned the blow dryer on her. Luckily, she was sort of into it, since we’ll have to repeat the process every week for a month or so.

And here I go off to buy bird netting to keep the dirtbag wrens away from my ladies.

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