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Drama & Peace

So, in the same way that life with children affords one no rest, life with animals is almost exactly the same. Just a few days back, I was putzing in the yard, about to clean out the coop, when a bright splotch of red caught my eye. Something was bleeding. The culprit? Betty the Hen, always our yappiest lady, broke a toenail. I scooped her up, took her into the bathroom (the only nice room in our house, mind you) and proceeded to stop the bleeding and bandage her up.

In the meantime, I send a request to the Chicago Chicken Enthusiasts list and am immediately told to remove the dressing, as animals need to let wounds like those drain. One poster advised some Bactine, at most. So I run out, remove the dressing, and proceed to swab down the bathroom with a diluted bleach solution. Then I drink ALL the coffee.

But at the same time, I’m moving into my new role as planner of edible landscapes slowly, but steadily. I need to design and post some flyers around my target neighborhoods, and work on a few designs for actual clients, and continue to futz with my own yard plan. Let’s just say I have 10 cu yds of soil in my future, plus a mother’s day present of a wheelbarrow, and lots of ibuprofen for a sore back.

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