Rain & the Tunnel

Two Months

As the stay-at-home order came down, so did a lot of my what my life had been. Decisions were made and I was not consulted. Plans were made and I was not considered. Lines were crossed and I was not cared about.

And yet, eight weeks later, I stand thankful. Because where I’d been living, what our life had been, wasn’t true anymore. I just didn’t know it yet. 

In these months, I’ve realized so much about how I’d like to be in the world. Vulnerable, accountable, connected. More loving—and loved. Respectful—and respected. 

The tears I have cried over the last eight weeks, flowing from streams to puddles to lakes to seas. At the same time, it’s been raining for days. All the stormwater tunnels are at capacity. Flood warnings scream on my phone at regular intervals.  

Cold rain and wrenching tears, months worth or days worth, go. Leave only promise and potential. Go.


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