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AnD on Not being included

Many families I know are forming bubbles with other families, so their kids can safely play with others this summer. Parents are having real conversations about the risks of COVID and how they’re taking precautions, and the potential reward to their families by restoring low-risk social connections. 

But for some families, we’re not being asked to join any bubbles. Some have high-risk jobs, such as nurses, firefighters, grocery clerks, etc. That’s easy to understand, even though it sucks. And some families have complications that make trust difficult to establish and maintain. For separated and divorced families, we also get the shaft since we can’t ever really know (or certainly control) the actions of the non-custodial parent. So, no bubble invites. 

As with many things regarding experiencing both separation and a pandemic, I’m reminded that this is a bad thing at a worse time. Learning to accept that our Team has no control over either pandemic or breakup has been an interesting (and both shitty and valuable) lesson. 

I would still pay $100 for a hug, though.



2 thoughts on “Bubbles

  1. I definitely wished I could have driven over to your house and given you a hug many times. We have a tight bubble that only includes us 3. Apart from zoom, Ella hasn’t seen anyone in person other than our mailman Roger- from the window.
    It was nice to get a wave from Alfie and Gus but it sure reminded me how it’s been 68 days since we were with anyone else. There’s the adage, ‘this too shall pass’ and I’m trying to remember that daily.

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