About Me

I am a freelance marketing writer with nearly two decades of experience in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer space. My client list spans a ton of industries: higher education, consumer-facing entertainment, food products and ingredients, heavy industry, insurance, technology, trade shows, and telecommunications.

But I’ve also applied my experience as a marketer beyond these verticals. For several years, I managed a local community organization I founded and grew it into a politically powerful juggernaut that worked with residents, NGOs, and officials on key neighborhood issues. I also have extensive experience crafting high-impact copy for not-for-profit clients through the Taproot Foundation.

I am available for off-site projects only.

Brochure Copy
This brochure for ArcelorMIttal helped recruit recent college STEM grads into the sexy world of steelmaking. We paired stunning images of how modern steel supports all of our lives, and aspirational copy to appeal to smart grads who might otherwise overlook this industry.
Tradeshow Collateral
I helped create all marketing materials for the truly massive National Restaurant Association show. Everything from hall banners to newsletters, brochures to executive speeches. With more than 50,000 attendees over four days of non-stop business, beverage, and culinary experiences, we really had to create a must-visit vibe.
Messaging Projects
Today’s Girl Scouts are future leaders, scientists, business leaders, creative powerhouses—and whatever else they want to be. Our challenge? Creating a messaging platform to tell that amazing story.

How can I help?

Versatile Style

Regardless of the copy need, I’m able to bring an approachable and engaging voice that gets results. Web copy, white papers, tagline—I bring the same determination and creativity to all tasks.

Collaborative Approach

I pride myself on working well with the entire creative and account team. I ask thoughtful questions, admit when I need more information, and get the job done for you.

Copy for All Industries

I’ve been privileged to work with clients in an array of industries, both B2B and B2C. Plus, I’ve used my marketing acumen on pro bono pieces for NPOs and as a community advocate.