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There is a difference between hearing and listening. When I’m really listening to a client, I can help them transform what they think they want to say into what their customers and users really want to hear. That’s what messaging development is all about.

Clear, useful messaging is also the soil from which all other communications grow. I worked with the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana to reintroduce themselves to girls and their parents, funders, and partners. By listening carefully to the executive team, I helped connect the need today’s girls have for leadership development opportunities with the incredible array of unexpected opportunities Girl Scouts offers in leadership, STEM, and global citizenship. It’s not just cookies anymore. 

The Girl Scouts team was able to take my foundational messaging and swiftly integrate that language into extension marketing pieces, saving time and money while maintaining consistent information across a large organization.

“Shylo’s ability to grasp very complicated and technical content and then extract meaningful customer benefit was the key to the very successful marketing program.”
– Agency Partner

Persona Development


I spent years working exclusively on B2B brands. And my favorite clients were those who really understood their customers, but also wanted to understand end users. For those clients, I got to dig in and craft personas that helped bridge the gap between manufacturer and consumer. 

A particular favorite was a somewhat dusty legacy telecom supplier. I was fortunate to work with an in-house marketing team that realized the best way to connect with its customers, providers like Verizon, was to understand the end user—folks like you and me.

My client was focused on a particular demographic who demanded more from telecom networks that any other previous generation—Millennials. My team developed unique personals for Millennial tech users to highlight the age group’s reliance on being connected in every aspect of life, every minute of the day. What resulted was a BMA Chicago campaign of the year that centrally featured our personas—but also delivered big for a smaller brand trying to break through big.




I founded and managed a not-for-profit organization geared toward encouraging positive development in my neighborhood in Northwest Chicago. By harnessing the power of our diverse community, we lobbied local decision makers for more resources, attracted media attention, and promoted local businesses and organizations. While we had many wins as a group, here are a few highlights:

  • Zoning Issues: Our group fought a proposal for a Walgreens at the corner of Lawrence and Kimball. This car-centric project was situated directly across from a CTA terminus and along busy bus lines and would have endangered pedestrians and cyclists. Our group mobilized the ire of the community to lobby politicians, preservationists, and transit advocates to beat back this proposal.
  • Albany Park Tunnel Project: Our community is blessed by its proximity to the North Branch of the Chicago River—until the river floods due to climate change and upstream water-management issues. In the past 15 years, we have experiences two millennium flood events. The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District designed a smart project to ameliorate flooding and our group kept pressure on to get the project rolling, education the community, and disseminate information as to how residents can help in flood-mitigation efforts.
  • General Events & Public Safety: Beyond advocacy around time-sensitive issues, our group also shined a light on the many amazing things happening in our community, from restaurant openings to community gardens to school achievements. We created guides for residents and created a program to honor the contributions of top businesses. Our group also educated residents as to how to most effectively lobby police resources, create block clubs, and other community-togetherness events.

Marketing a Neighborhood’s Potential


Connecting Neighbors with Resources


Case studies & Beyond

Finding the passion in any story is what separates an everyday case study from a memorable story that makes business impact. And it comes down to listening carefully, with deep empathy.

eBay understands the power in a single transaction as well as how individuals can create or support their own thriving businesses. I had the privilege of speaking with many, many of these entrepreneurs as to how they applied creativity and business savvy to eBay’s person-to-person platform. Often, I ended up finding their stories so compelling that I became a customer. Always, I was impressed by their passion.

Our firm developed an award-winning campaign featuring eBay buyers and sellers of industrial equipment, such as tractors, restaurant equipment, and the like. As I listened to their stories about how these sales made real impact to their businesses, I wrote down their details and facts, but I absorbed their determination. How hard they worked. How they supported their families and communities. 

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