With Taproot, I created identity programs, brochures, messaging platforms for area NPOs such Association House. That’s my tagline, which translates easily into Spanish.







I built and managed the social-media outreach for a not-for-profit organization I founded. Facebook, Twitter.

























I developed the brand for the 501(c) I founded and created identity materials, such as this postcard, business cards, t-shirts, banners, and more.











































I crafted a series of direct-mail pieces for a political candidate targeting hyperlocal issues, such as flooding and economic development.

























Marketing for change

If recent world events have shown us anything, it’s that what is most important is to be of service to one another. Whether that’s wearing your mask, agitating for systemic change, or making a contribution to a cause you admire, it is up to all of us to use the gifts we possess to enrich our greater community.

My gift is communication. 

When my freelance schedule allows, I have been grateful that I’ve been able to connect with not-for-profit organizations to create impactful communications on a pro bono basis. Through Taproot Foundation, I partnered with other remote-based professionals in ad hoc teams to tackle significant projects for the Association House, Chicago Urban League, Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, and Sarah’s Inn. Our groups produced a range of high-impact deliverables, such as messaging platforms, holistic rebranding, annual reports, and brochures. In 2011, Taproot Foundation honored me as Chicago’s Volunteer of the Year.

I also founded and ran a not-for-profit organization in my neighborhood, a diverse community in need of more investment from residents, government, and the business community. Through dogged organizing, I helped grow Albany Park Neighbors from six people around a picnic table into a politically powerful juggernaut with 501(c)3 certification. We carefully nurtured our social-media following to more than 3,000 engaged residents, discussing critical issues such as business development, crime, infrastructure needs, etc. I created business-recognition programs, informational guides, and community forums. We fought for more resources from local politicians, engaged community members in real debate, helped review zoning proposals, and more.

I’ve been thankful that I’ve been able to contribute my communications skills by developing direct mail, scripts, and speeches for local candidates. While I’ve also volunteered for national candidates, these local races are so critical to everyday, quality-of-life issues. 

I am currently working with other not-for-profit organizations on other projects and am always looking to take on other pro bono work. If you’d like to get on my schedule, contact me!


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